Sk skovkultur​

Supplier of

  • Christmas trees
  • Branches
  • Wreaths

SK Skovkultur is a smal private owned company. our main business is to produce and export Christmas trees and branches.

SK Skovkultur is directed to wholesalers in abroad. 90% of our trade is export. We deliver most of our production in our own truck in Northern Germany, South Norway and Sweden. We have regular delivery in Hamburg tuesday and thursday in October, November ande December.​

Customers, who are from remote parts, provide themselves for the transport, or we deliver by Transport company.

It is very important for us, to make you satisfied with the quality and save delivery.

Our motto is: Delicate and high service and fresh products directly from wood to customer.​

SK Skovkultur

  • We produce our own christmas-trees
  • We export christmas-trees to different european countries
  • We offer high service and good quality

​S.K Skovkultur

Ulrøgelvej 6, Oustrup

8620 Kjellerup

CVR: 62048115

Phone: 86 88 00 25